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Table 1 AHP hierarchy.

From: Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to understand the most important factors to design and evaluate a telehealth system for Parkinson's disease

Nodes (Categories) Elements
(User needs)
Performance Motor symptoms assessment
  ON/OFF fluctuations detection
  Cognitive & behavioral assessment
  Data mining & disease modelling
User experience ↑ wearability acceptance
  User-friendly interfaces
  Seamlessly integration
Clinical practice ↑ patient-clinician bond
  ↑ patient & carers knowledge
  ↑ self-management support
  ↑ assist care givers
Economic ↓ visits and stays in hospital
  ↑ patient Quality of Life
  Faster and more reliable diagnosis
Technical issues Scalability and interoperability
  Security and privacy
  ↓ maintenance and support cost
  1. Hierarchy used for this AHP study including the categories and user needs.