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Table 2 Distinctive features of the V-Model

From: V-Model: a new perspective for EHR-based phenotyping

  Id Distinctive features Related issue
Representation P1 Connection of Problem-Action relationship (P-A connection) Causality
P2 Non-explicit temporal expression (non-explicitness) Granularity
P3 Temporal proximity implied in medical terms (proximity hint) Non-explicitness
P4 Uneven granularity (uneven granularity) Non-explicitness
P5 Implicit internal sequence Non-explicitness
Reasoning R1 Problem starts before Action (P precedes A) Reasoning
R2 Qualitative temporal relation (qualitative relation) Reasoning
R3 Temporal distance from non-explicit event (implicit distance) Reasoning
Visualization V1 Intuitive view in discovering Problem-Action relationship (intuitive P-A relation) Visual enhancement
V2 Blocking effect of Problem-Action relationship among successive events (blocking effect) Visual enhancement
V3 Overview of events' flow Visual enhancement
V4 Dynamic scaled timeline (dynamic scale) visual enhancement
V5 Highly readable history view in tracing long period events (long history) visual enhancement