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Table 2 Unadjusted percent preferred medication tier in each of three user groups in each of three time periods

From: Effect of electronic prescribing with formulary decision support on medication tier, copayments, and adherence

User Group/Time period Prior to FDS E-prescribing with non-interruptive FDS only E-prescribing with interruptive and non-interruptive FDS p-value*
Percent Preferred Tier
Non user PCPs 63% 69% 70% <0.0001
Low user PCPs (<30%) 59% 60% 61% 0.87
High user PCPs (>30%) 57% 61% 78% <0.001
All PCPs 62% 67% 69% <0.001
p-value <0.01 0.19 <0.001  
  1. *p-values are for comparisons within user groups across time and within each time period across user groups.