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Table 1 GPs ten highest rated pre-specified requirements identified at the focus group prior to software development

From: The challenges of real-world implementation of web-based shared care software: the HopSCOTCH Shared-Care Obesity Trial in Children

  GPs top 10 pre-specified software requirements (ranked by priority) Achieved
1 Speed - waiting longer than a few seconds considered unacceptable No
2 Ability to work seamlessly within the clinical system (e.g. Medical Director) and shared-care software No
3 Ability to visually track BMI over time Yes
4 Information from specialist obesity appointment stored in software Yes
5 Personalised goals section to allow GP to track motivation and progress Yes
6 General notes section Yes
7 Ability to look back and see which goals were achieved Yes
8 At least three intervention patients per GP so software becomes intuitive No
9 Ability to keep a record of the information when the study finishes Yes
10 Communication between GPs and specialists via email Yes