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Figure 1

From: How do physicians decide to treat: an empirical evaluation of the threshold model

Figure 1

A schema of the experimental design. Note that design was entirely within participants and that all participants answered all question (but in different order, according to the randomization sequence). Abbreviations: PE, Pulmonary embolism; AML, Acute Myeloid Leukemia; Baut/Haut, automatic benefit to harm ratio; pPE, probability of PE, H2, harms associated with treatment provided; B2/H2, benefit to harm ratio provided in the case; B1/H1, benefit to harm ratio elicited form participants using DVAS; Dvas, dual visual analog scale; pAML, probability of AML relapse. Note: All participants completed all vignettes. Only the order of presentation of vignettes was randomized where indicated.

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