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Table 4 Participants’ prioritization of ideas on features to include in the future internet service

From: Lead users’ ideas on core features to support physical activity in rheumatoid arthritis: a first step in the development of an internet service using participatory design

  FGI11 FGI 2 FGI 3 FGI 4 FGI 5 FGI 6
The highest ranked ideas in each of the FGIs 1. Rewards (7)4 1. Goal setting (13) 1. Incentives (9) 1. Find exercise peers (9) 1. Follow-up (5) 1. Exercise with peers (11)
2. Training camps (7) 2. Time for PA2 (7) 2. Discussion foras (3) 2. Ask for advice about PA (3) 2. PA should be fun/incentive (3) 2. Specific exercise instructions (5)
3. Adapted groups (4) 3. Free exercise (6) 3.Up to date information/research (3) 3. Find time for PA (3) 3. News on different PA (2) 3. Information about different PA (3)
4. Learn how to reward one-self (4) 4. Exercise with peers (5) 4. Individual-ized exercise program (3) 4. Exchange experiences (2) 4. Individual-ized help (2) 4. Explanations about PA and RA3 (2)
The top 10 list 1. Individual support strategies (identify incentives, individualized exercise program, individualized help, specific exercise instructions)6 (11) 5
2. Advice about PA and RA from health care providers and peers (ask for advice about physical activity, exchange experiences) (11)
3. Information about exercise facilities and groups adapted to the needs of individuals with
 RA, where to find exercise peers (training camps, adapted groups, find exercise peers, exercise with peers) (9)
4. Personal goal setting (set goals) (8)
5. Sharing experiences and ideas with similar others on PA related to RA (discussion foras) (7)
6. Individual follow-up of PA (follow-up) (6)
7. Up-to-date and evidence-based information and instructions on PA related to RA (information about different physical activities, explanation about physical activity and RA ) (6)
8. Ongoing research and news (up to date information and research, news on different PAs) (6)
9. Rewards (rewards, learn how to reward one-self) (3)
  10. Individual support strategies to find time and routine for PA (routine, find time for physical activity) (0)
  1. Note: Free exercise (FGI 2) was not perceived possible to translate to ideas on features on the future internet service and therefore not included in the comprehensive prioritization and top 10 list.
  2. Question asked for compilation of the top 10 list: ‘Rank the three most important core features to have access to on an internet service to support physical activity.’ One person voted on 2 ideas and 2 persons voted on 4 ideas.
  3. 1 FGI, Focus group interview.
  4. 2 PA, Physical activity.
  5. 3 RA, Rheumatoid arthritis.
  6. 4 (n) = The sum of dots from the participants’ ranking of the three most important ideas discussed during the focus group interviews.
  7. 5 (n) = The sum of votes from the participants’ comprehensive prioritization of the three most important core features to include in the future internet service.
  8. 6(text) = the ideas from each FGI combined to the idea on the top 10 list.