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Table 3 Most Recent (2011) Cochrane Collaboration Review of PtDAs [30]: Randomized Controlled Trials that Involved Internet Delivery [7275]

From: Delivering patient decision aids on the Internet: definitions, theories, current evidence, and emerging research areas

Author, Year, Reference Number Clinical Context Study Design Primary Results
Frosch, 2003, [72] PSA screening RCT, n = 226 randomized to view video during appointment at clinic or website at home before clinic visit For both groups:
- Knowledge scores were similar;
- Ratings of effort required, convenience, and satisfaction were similar.
Viewing the video at the clinic:
- Increased the likelihood of viewing the complete PtDA
Ruffin, 2007, [74] Colorectal Web, cancer screening RCT, n = 174 men randomized to either informational website or Colorectal Web Viewing Colorectal Web:
- increased immediate reporting of preferred test, but no difference at 2, 8, or 24 weeks
- increased screening
Krist, 2007, [75] PSA screening Clustered RCT, n = 497 randomized to paper PtDA, website PtDA, or no pre-visit education Viewing either PtDA:
- Increased decisional control
- Increased knowledge scores
- Decreased screening
Frosch, 2008, [73] PSA screening RCT, n = 611 randomized to web-based didactic PtDA, disease model + time trade-off exercise, both, or public PSA websites Knowledge scores were:
- Highest for didactic PtDA
- Lowest for public websites Post-PtDA screening preferences differed across groups.