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Table 1 Relation keywords

From: On the efficacy of per-relation basis performance evaluation for PPI extraction and a high-precision rule-based approach

Activation activate, increase, induce, initiate, stimulate, promote, catalyze, up-regulate, coactivate, potentiate, precipitate, reactivate
Deactivation block, decrease, down-regulate, inactivate, inhibit, reduce, repress, suppress, interfere, antagonize, degrade, obstruct
Creating bond associate, link, dimerize, heterodimerize, crystalize, methylate, phosphorylate, assemble, polymerize, bound, bond, oligomerize, glycosylate, bind, complex, form, conjugate, acetylate, couple
Breaking bond cleave, demethylate, dephosphorylate, sever, unbind, depolymerize, dissociate, deacetylate, deglycosilate, disassemble
Signaling mediate, modulate, participate, regulate, control, interact, react, contact, response, encode, recognize, stabilize, destabilize, target