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Table 3 Selected examples of chest radiograph report determinations by category

From: Automated identification of pneumonia in chest radiograph reports in critically ill patients

1 There is new bilateral lower lobe consolidation with air bronchograms. There is some volume loss. Bibasilar pneumonias.
2 Again noted is the focal consolidation at the right lung base. It is not significantly changed and most likely represents middle lobe pneumonia. Right middle lobe air space opacity is probably pneumonia and not significantly changed.
3 Interval clearing of the diffuse opacities of the lungs with residual opacities, findings suggesting alveolar edema, less likely pneumonia.
4 Endotracheal tube pulled back. Persistent cardiomegaly with congestive heart failure and bilateral pleural effusions. Bibasilar pneumonia is not excluded.
5 Lungs are clear without pulmonary edema, focal consolidation, or pleural effusion. No acute cardiopulmonary disease.
6 Again seen are diffuse airspace opacities throughout both lungs, improved compared with the most recent prior examination. The pleural effusions appear smaller as well. Persistent pulmonary edema though it appears improved.