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Table 7 Results of this study v.s. Walczuch et al.’s study

From: An investigation of the effect of nurses’ technology readiness on the acceptance of mobile electronic medical record systems

Relationship This study Walczuch et al.’s study
Optimism→PEOU Support(+) Support(+)
Optimism→PU Support(+) Support(+)
Innovativeness→PEOU Support(+) Support(+)
Innovativeness →PU Non-support Support(−)
Insecurity→PEOU Support(−) Support(−)
Insecurity→PU Non-support Support(−)
Discomfort→PEOU Support(−) Support(−)
Discomfort→PU Non-support Non-support
PEOU→PU Support(+) Support(+)
  1. Note: (+) indicates positive relationship, (−) indicates negative relationship.