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Table 2 Appendix A of the research protocol

From: No personalization without participation: on the active contribution of psychiatric patients to the development of a mobile application for mental health

Themes Observations
Attention in viewing the video 1) Extremely attentive
2) Very attentive
3) Attentive
4) Not very attentive
5) Not attentive at all
Feasibility of electronic signature 1) Could sign easily
2) Had some difficulty to sign
3) Could not sign/did not want to sign on the app
Understanding the app 1) Had no difficulty in understanding
2) Did not understand the basic concepts
3) Could not navigate from question to question
4) Had some difficulty reading the instructions/questions
Using the app 1) Had no difficulty in using the app
2) Wanted to press on a button but pressed another one
3) Tried to press but the software did not detect
4) Left an answer that did not seem to be wanted answer
Got frustrated 1) No
2) Yes (if yes, why?)
Completed 1) Yes
  2) No (if no, why?)