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Table 2 A snapshot of data collected from observation sessions

From: Deployment of assistive living technology in a nursing home environment: methods and lessons learned

Type of observation Observations
Rooms observation • Two to three beds in each room
  • One bathroom is attached to each room
  • Food and medications are taken in the common area
  • TV is only available in the common area
ADLs observation • One resident (level 2) keeps on washing hand or showering for hours
  • Assisting shower is very difficult for nurses
  • Patients forget to turn off the taps
  • Patients need instructions of what to do next
  • Patients need encouragement to initiate activities
  • They forget to continue activities if they were interrupted, e.g. forget to finish eating after going to the toilet
  • They forget things they have already done, e.g., some may shower too often
Group activities observation • 10 to 15 residents
  • 2 to 4 professional caregivers
  • Participants are divided into small groups
  • Caregivers need to give instructions