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Table 1 List of search strings chosen by women of childbearing age and health professionals and the corresponding Google Adwords (Keywords Tool) search volumes

From: Does googling for preconception care result in information consistent with international guidelines: a comparison of information found by Italian women of childbearing age and health professionals

Search strings of women of childbearing age Google Adwords Keyword Tool search volumes
Pregnancy 3350000
Mums 550000
Menstruation 550000
Ovulation 301000
Maternity 246000
To get pregnant 165000
Conception 135000
Fertile period 90500
Amniocentesis 49500
To have a baby 22200
Genetic diseases 8100
Check up before pregnancy 720
Search strings of health professionals Google Adwords Keyword Tool search volumes
Toxoplasmosis 49500
Genetic diseases 8100
Preconception 1900
Folic acid before conception 1000
Check up before conception 480
Reproductive health 110
Pre-conception drugs 46
Pre-conception lifestyle -*
Pre-conception obesity -*
Pre-conception prevention -*
Pre-conception chickenpox -*
Pre-conception rubella -*
  1. *Key of Google Adwords (Keyword Tool) explaining dash: “The approximate 12-month average of the number of searches on Google for each keyword in the locations, languages, and devices that you selected. If you’ve selected multiple locations, a location that isn’t a country, or if we don’t have enough data, you’ll see this noted with a dash (−)” (28).