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Table 2 CDS intervention categories with examples

From: A conceptual framework and protocol for defining clinical decision support objectives applicable to medical specialties

Category Examples
Documentation forms and templates Clinician encounter documentation forms; patient self-assessment forms; “smart forms;” data flow sheets
Relevant data presentation Relevant data for ordering, administration, or documentation; retrospective/aggregate reporting or filtering; choice lists; practice status display
Order/prescription creation facilitators Order sets; tools for complex ordering
Protocol and pathway support Stepwise processing of multistep protocol or guideline; support for managing clinical problems over long periods and many encounters
Reference information and guidance Context-specific direct links to specific, pertinent reference information
Alerts and reminders Alerts to prevent potential/omission/commission errors or hazards; alerts to foster best care
  1. Note: A “smart form” is an EHR-based clinical workflow tool designed for organized data review for specific conditions, effective and efficient facilitated data capture, documentation of a clinical visit, and integrated, dynamic, actionable decision support in a single environment [40].