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Table 5 C-M-O summary - National Health Laboratory System, South Africa

From: Tool, weapon, or white elephant? A realist analysis of the five phases of a twenty-year programme of occupational health information system implementation in the health sector

Context Same tool (OHASIS) adapted to increase capacity in healthcare laboratories across South Africa to improve working conditions.
  Personnel accustomed to computerized data collection, resources devoted to OH staffing, and union support present at the national level.
Mechanism Governance: Partnership between Canadian and South African researchers affirmed in writing.
  Technology: Similar to above two, but with more user-friendly features.
Outcome Being implemented in 350 laboratories across South Africa, but sustainability of system still questionable, as IT department still depends on northern partner, but transition plan in place.
Conclusion Even when a system is successfully launched, and labour relations are supportive, IT capacity-building is essential from the outset to ensure sustainability.
  “Tool” to all, but risks becoming a “White elephant” if the IT capacity can not be quickly built to take over full maintenance and further development.