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Table 4 Details of 10 healthcare websites that were assessed in this study

From: An evaluation of the content and quality of tinnitus information on websites preferred by General Practitioners

Website Intended purpose Produced by Targets clinicians? Functionality Accreditation Links to..
Provides care maps used to establish new services, manage referrals and communicate across care settings. Commercial, Hearst Business Media. Yes, for GPs and secondary health care. Homepage confusing but maps themselves easy to navigate. The Information Standard. AOHL, BTA, CKS, PAT.
Provides support and information for people with tinnitus. Registered charity. Yes, dedicated section. Easy navigate, clearly marked, menu bar helpful. However lots of scrolling needed, and cannot use the ‘back’ button. The Information Standard. AOHL.
GP Notebook[22] Provides encyclopaedic synopses focussed on the needs of GPs. Commercial Oxbridge Solutions Ltd. Yes, GPs. Easy use, reliable search function. Required the use of back button to get to additional areas from the first page. None BTA.
eMedicine[23] To provide healthcare professionals with information to improve patient care and stay current in their practice. Commercial - WebMD Health Professional Network. Yes, general `healthcare. Overly burdened with text, with few subsections, heading or summaries, making it very laborious to find particular information. None None
Aims to provide evidence-based information and practical ‘know how’ on conditions typically managed in primary care. Government – NHS. Yes, aimed at clinicians working in Primary and first contact care. Easy to navigate, logical drop-downs and lists.
Can get to any required information in 2 – 3 drills.
Approved by Plain English Campaign. None
Aims to provide evidence-based information for medical decision-making. Commercial - Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd (EMIS). Yes, medical practitioners. Well structured but requires practice to navigate. Useful shortcuts. None AoHL, BTA, CKS, GPN, NHS C, PAT.
GP Online[26] Aims to provide GPs with news, clinical and management resources, focused CPD and educational materials. Commercial, Haymarket Business Media. Yes, GPs. Site is difficult to navigate, individual pages are very long, but related information not always on the same page and difficult to find. None AOHL, BTA, CKS,
Aims to support people with hearing loss or tinnitus, and promote hearing health. Registered charity. Yes, section for GPs. Easy to navigate but GP section is ‘buried’ in the ‘Supporting you’ section. Search function not useful as invariably directs you to forum pages. None BTA[28] Provides non-medical people with information about health and disease. Commercial - Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd (EMIS) Suggests health professionals may also find the site a useful resource. Clear layout, but too much information on main pages. Good use of sections and tabs. The Information Standard. HONcode standard for trustworthy health. AOHL, BTA, CKS, GPN, NHS C, EMED.
NHS Choices[29] Aims to provide information on self care, from lifestyle decisions to practical aspects of using NHS services. Government - NHS Contains a section for healthcare professionals but not related to medical practice. Easy to navigate but excessive text. Some very user friendly search features. The Information Standard. AOHL, BTA, CKS, MOM.
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