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Table 2 Survey items extracted from the VHA clinical practice organizational survey chief of staff module

From: Implementation of automated reporting of estimated glomerular filtration rate among Veterans Affairs laboratories: a retrospective study

Survey Item Response Options
How many active acute care beds are in each major bedsection of your hospital? Numeric response
Does your VA have an academic medical school training program for residents? Yes/No
Which of the following types of specialty-trained physicians (Nephrologists) do you have onsite at your VA? Yes/No
To what extent do you think each of the following serves as a barrier to improving performance at your facility? Not a barrier; Small barrier; Moderate barrier; Large Barrier
 Resistance from Primary Care providers  
- Resistance from Subspeciality providers  
- Resistance from Local Support staff  
- Limited financial resources to support needed changes  
To what extent has your facility implemented the following actions to improve your VA’s clinical performance? Not at all; Very little; Some; Great; Very great
 Designated a site champion for specific clinical guidelines or performance measures  
- Monitored the pace at which guidelines were implemented across the facility  
 Fostered collaboration among facilities in guideline implementation within the facility  
In the past year, when clinical practice guidelines were implemented in your facility, to what extent: Not at all; Very little; Some; Great; Very great
 Did teamwork exist at your facility in implemented the guidelines?  
Were key implementation steps planned?