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Table 11 Medical Education Applications

From: A Systematic Review of Healthcare Applications for Smartphones

Application Version (price) Platforms Description Functions
I-SurgeryNotebook URL55[51] 3.0 ($1.99) iOS, Android An application to keep alog of surgical cases andprocedures. Stores data on surgeries including procedure,pre-operative diagnosis, post-operative diagnosis,name of surgeons involved, and type of anesthesiaused; search case log.
Eponyms URL56[51] 1.3.1 ($1.99, freestudent edition) iOS, Android Provides details ofeponymous signs anddiseases. Includes eponym database from; browse eponyms.
Netter’s Atlas ofHuman Anatomy URL57[23, 56] ($76.95 – 1 year) Android, BlackBerry,iOS, Palm OS,Windows Mobile A smartphone-basedhuman anatomy toolfor medical educationpurposes. Contains more than 532 colored anatomic illustration,radiographs, computed tomographic (CT) images, CTangiograms, and MRIs; three dimensional images ofhuman body; separate groups of anatomic illustration,i.e. head and neck, back and spinal cord, thorax,abdomen, pelvis and perineum, upper and lower limb.
Netter’s AnatomyFlash Cards URL58[51, 56] ($36.95 – 1 year) Android, BlackBerry,iOS, Palm OS,Windows Mobile A mobile applicationcontaining about 300interactive flash cards. Images with hot-spot help identifying parts ofanatomy easily; clinical notes, separate groups ofanatomic illustration, i.e. head and neck, back andspinal cord, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and perineum,upper and lower limb.
Blausen EarAtlas URL59[41] 2.11 ($2.99) iOS, Android,BlackBerry An application thatprovides a set of ear-related video animations. Includes 6 video animations: cochlear implants, earpressure, ear tubes, hearing loss, hearing test, otitismedia.
Oxford Handbookof ClinicalSpecialties URL60[41] 1.5 (£34.99 – UK only) iOS, BlackBerry Handheld version of thelatest edition of OxfordHandbook of ClinicalSpecialties. Includes twelve books, fully cross-referenced to theOxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, practicaladvice, cross-checked by authoritative subjectexperts, color illustrations and clinical photographs.
Dissection URL61[41] 1.3 ($4.99) iOS A human anatomyapplication that mainlyfocuses on headand neck. This application displays human dissections; audioenabled annotations; tap-on identification feature;includes head, neck, and thorax.
Cranial Nerves URL62[41] 1.7 ($4.99) iOS A learning tool on cranialnerves and skull base. This application includes the cranial nerves andskull base from high resolution CT scans; interactivevisualization; control the position and transparencyof the skull and each nerve along with theappropriate textual information.
iSilo URL63[17, 47] 5.26 ($19.99) Palm OS, WindowsMobile, SymbianOS, BlackBerry, iOS,Android A document readerapplication on smartphone. Stores text in a highly compressed format;password protected; categorization of documents;search text within a document or set of documents;copy and paste; navigation includes scrolling,jumping, and marks; maximizing screen by hidingscrollbar, title bar, toolbar, etc.; left-hand support;remember last view location; remember jumphistory for backtracking; local bookmarks.
MobipocketReader URL64[11] (free) BlackBerry,Windows Mobile,Symbian OS,Palm OS An electronic bookreader on smartphone. Customizable display; library view of all eBooksstored in local media; annotate, highlight, bookmarkany part of the eBook; search and lookup any wordin the dictionary.
Instant ECG URL65[23] 2.7 ($0.99) iOS A basic ECGj tutorialapplication. Includes ECGj electrophysiology, myocardial actionpotential, associated waveforms, and intervals andsegments.
  1. This table presents the version, platforms, a short description, and a list of functions of the eleven medical education applications for medical and nursing students.
  2. j ECG: Electrocardiography.
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