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Table 2 Sample topic guide employed in interviews

From: Integration of a nationally procured electronic health record system into user work practices

Questions Can you tell me what you use Lorenzo for and how it contributes to patient care?
  What were your expectations before Lorenzo was put into use and were they fulfilled?
  How disruptive is the associated organisational change, for example in terms of learning new routines, new staff recruited, and needing to familiarise yourself with new practices?
  Has your behaviour/practice changed as a result of the introduction of Lorenzo? If so, in what way? Are there any unexpected changes to how you do things now?
  Do you see Lorenzo influencing your working style as part of a team or as a professional? (Prompt: e.g. in the way you communicate and collaborate with other health professionals and communicate with patients)?
  Can you tell me what, if any, might be the main benefits to you in your role from using Lorenzo? Do you see these benefits now? Are there any clear drawbacks in performing your role?
  Do you have any concerns about the introduction of Lorenzo? Can you tell me what these are?
  Are there any tasks or aspects of care that you feel will become more difficult or worse with the introduction of Lorenzo?
  Are there any changes that you would like to see made in how Lorenzo works? How could it be improved to be more acceptable and more effective in supporting care?
  What, if anything, would you miss most about Lorenzo if it were withdrawn?
  Did you have any problems when you first started using the system? How were these resolved?
  Do you have sufficient skills now to use Lorenzo to the maximum benefit?
  In what ways do you think Lorenzo will be/is a) better and b) worse than the system(s) it replaces? Why? (Probe: how did the 'old' one look-paper or mix of paper and electronic)?