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Table 1 Summary of patient attributes

From: Decision tree-based learning to predict patient controlled analgesia consumption and readjustment

Attribute Name Description
age patient age
gender patient gender
weight patient weight
pulse heart rate
sbp systolic blood pressue
dbp diastolic blood pressure
DM if patient is diabetic
HT if patient has hypertension
AMI if patient has acute myocardial infarction
ASA_CLASS * 1: healthy
2: mild systemic disease
3: major systemic disease
4: life-threatening disease or condition
5: not expected to survive
  6: donor
OP_CLASS surgical type:
1: intrathoracic
2: upper intra-abdominal
3: lower intra-abdominal
4: laminectomy
5: major joints
6: limbs
7: head& neck
8: others
op_time surgical duration
URGENCY E: emergency surgery
R: regular surgery
ANS_WAY SA: spinal anesthesia
GA: general anesthesia
LE: lumbar epidural anesthesia
  NB: nerve blockade
loading_dose analgesia taken before PCA treatment
sucess_p_1hr~ sucess_p_24hr number of successful PCA demands in 1st–24th h
failure_p_1hr~ failure_p_24hr number of PCA demands that fail in 1st–24th h
pcadose_1hr~ pcadose_24hr total PCA dose in 1st–24th h
contidose_1hr~ contidose_24hr total continuous dose in 1st–24th h
readjustcount_1hr~ readjustcount_24hr number of PCA readjustment in 1st–24th h
p_timediff_mean_1hr~ p_timediff_mean_24hr mean of time gap between two consecutive PCA demands
p_timediff_var_1hr~ p_timediff_var_24hr variance of time gap between two consecutive PCA demans
pcamode_set_1hr~ pcamode_set_24hr setting of PCA mode:
(a) PCA and continuous
(b) PCA only
pcadose_set_1hr~ pcadose_set_24hr PCA dose setting in 1st–24th h
lockout_set_1hr~ lockout_set_24hr setting of minimum time gap between two adjacent PCA demands in 1st–24th h
4hrlimit_set_1hr~4hrlimit_set_24hr setting of maximum dosage allowed for every 4 h in 1st–24th h
  1. *ASA class is the commonly used preoperative index of physical status defined by the American Society of Anesthesiologists.