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Table 3 Variables used

From: A data-driven epidemiological prediction method for dengue outbreaks using local and remote sensing data

Weekly prediction: Prediction 3 weeks ahead Weekly prediction 4 weeks ahead 4 Week prediction 4–7 weeks ahead
Past Incidence Rate (T-12, T-11, …, T-1, T) Past Incidence Rate (T-12, T-11, …, T-1) Past Incidence Rate (T-12_T-9, T-8_T-5, T-4_T-1)
Rainfall (T-12, T-11, …, T-1, T) Rainfall (T-12, T-11, …, T-1) Rainfall (T-12_T-9, T-8_T-5, T-4_T-1)
NDVI (T-12, T-11, …, T-1, T) NDVI (T-12, T-11, …, T-1) NDVI (T-12_T-9, T-8_T-5, T-7_T-4)
SOI (T) SSTA (T-4, T-3, T-2, T-1) EVI (T-12_T-9, T-8_T-5, T-7_T-4)
Week number Week number SSTA (T-12, T-11, …, T-1)
   SOI (T-12_T-9, T-9_T-6)
   Temperature Day (T-12_T-9, T-8_T-5, T-5_T-2)
   Temperature Night (T-12_T-9, T-8_T-5, T-5_T-2)
   Week number
   Running water
   Electric lighting