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Table 1 Comparison of T2D related DB with T2DGADB

From: Type 2 diabetes genetic association database manually curated for the study design and odds ratio

  T2DGADB T2D-DB1 Hindorff et al.2 Johnson et al.3 T1Dbase4
T2D Candidate genes 530 330 50 476  
Unique genes 421 NS 23 380  
T2D Candidate SNP Markers 2108 NS 76 6076  
Unique Markers 1874 NS 28 5841  
T2DM publication 701 8963 23 12  
coverage year 2000 ~
2009. 10
~ 2009. 1 2005 ~
2010. 10
2002. 12 ~
2008. 2
~ 2010. 10
data coverage T2D candidate gene approach, GWAS T2D candidate gene approach, GWAS GWAS
T1D candidate gene approach, GWAS
association data format text, graph NA text text text
feature summary of T2D related genetic association study results(sample size, gene, SNP, MAF, p-value, OR, covariant, etc.) summary of molecular factors using public databases (EST, Transcripts, Unigene, Homologene, GO, Pathways, Tissue Specific Expression, Protein-Protein interactor, Riskfactors, Complications) summary of GWAS data (Disease, sample size, gene, SNP, MAF, p-value, OR, platform, CNV, etc.) summary of GWAS data (Disease, sample size, gene, SNP, MAF, p-value, OR, platform, CNV, etc.) summary of T1D related molecular factors (T1D susceptibility regions, Genetic data, Microarray data, functional annotation, Network & Pathway), analysis tools
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