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Figure 4

From: ExaCT: automatic extraction of clinical trial characteristics from journal publications

Figure 4

Interactive user interface for curation. The user interface consists of two panels simultaneously displayed on a screen: the left panel displays the system's suggestions and the right panel displays the original article. A button next to each sentence on the left panel highlights the same sentence within the article on the right panel. The information elements are divided into five tabs: publication information, meta information, enrolment, interventions, and outcomes. For each element, the top-scored solution with a high confidence score or a "not found" message is initially displayed. A user can expand the list of the system's suggestions to the five highest scoring solutions and choose one or more sentences as the most relevant to the element. If a target sentence is not among the system's five choices, a curator can add a sentence directly from the article by copying-and-pasting or dragging-and-dropping it into the corresponding element text box, or by right-clicking and selecting the relevant element from the menu. Automatically extracted fragments are highlighted in the sentences. The highlighting can be modified by a curator using the mouse.

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