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Figure 4

From: A targeted decision aid for the elderly to decide whether to undergo colorectal cancer screening: development and results of an uncontrolled trial

Figure 4

Percent Correct for Knowledge Questions Before and After Decision Aid. The percentage of correct answers on the 15-item questionnaire given Pre Decision Aid and Post Decision Aid. Participants responded to the following True/False questions: 1. No direct evidence supports screening. (T) 2. ACS recommends screening all adults. (F) 3. People in poor health are NOT likely to benefit. (T) 4. Longer a person lives the more likely they are to benefit. (T) 5. Risk of dying from heart disease is greater than dying from CRC. (T) 6. People need to live at least 5 years to benefit from screening. (T) 7. CRC screening is a choice for people ≥ 75. (T) 8. Tests look for colon cancer before symptoms. (T) 9. FOBT uses a lighted tube to check for CRC. (F) 10. CRC is the kind of cancer that grows quickly. (F) 11. Positive FOBT cards require a colonoscopy. (T) 12. During a colonoscopy polyps can be removed. (T) 13. Life expectancy is influenced by current health conditions. (T) 14. Not all people with CRC will need surgery. (T) 15. Bleeding and perforations are NOT complications of colonoscopy. (F)

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