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Table 4 HIS Functional requirements of Marseille University Hospital versus Mediboard

From: Open source challenges for hospital information system (HIS) in developing countries: a pilot project in Mali

Standard HIS features Mediboard Open Source HIS Application
Care Management  
Registration X
Appointments & Scheduling X
Management of Movement (Transfers) X
Care Plan Management X
e-prescription (acts, medicine) X
Nursing X
Report and Mail Management X
Logistics X
Resource Management (stocks, human, materials) X
Clinical Research, Epidemiology, Statistics and Education X
Health Information Exchange X
Laboratory management (orders)  
Pharmacy management X
Imaging X
Exploratory Procedures  
Emergency Department X
Surgery Department X
Admin functions  
Patient identity management X
Outpatient Visits, Admissions, Stays X
Bed Management X
Evaluation of production activities (French PMSI Management) X
Billing X
Facility Management  
Access Management Rights/Entitlements X
Activity Management X
Medical Economics Management X
Accounting and Record X
Human resources X
Equipment Management X
Purchasing/Inventory X
HIS Environment Management  
HIS Infrastructures  
Monitoring and Planning Tools  
Communication Management X
Repositories and Terminology Management X
Other Features  
Clinical Decision Support  
Digital Work Space X
Data Warehousing  
Quality of Care Assessment X