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Table 1 The list of quasi-identifiers that were analyzed from the census file

From: A method for managing re-identification risk from small geographic areas in Canada

Variable Name in the 2001 Census RDC File Definition # Response categories(*)
SEXP Gender 2
BRTHYR Year of birth (from 1880 to 2001).
Age: We defined age categories based on 5 year ranges.
HLNABDR Language: Language spoken most often at home by the individual at the time of the census. 4
ETH1-6 Ethnic Origin: Refers to the six possible answers for the ethnic or cultural group(s) to which the respondent's ancestors belong. 26
ASRR Aboriginal Identity: Persons identifying with at least one Aboriginal group. 8
RELIGWI Religious denomination: Specific religious denominations, groups or bodies as well as sects, cults, or other religiously defined communities or systems of belief. 3
TOTYRSR Total Years of Schooling: Total sum of the years (or grades) of schooling at the elementary, high school, university and college levels. Only available for individuals age 15+. 9
MARST Marital Status (Legal) 5
TOTINC Total income: Total money income received from all sources during the calendar year 2000 by persons 15 years of age and over. We defined categories in $15K ranges. 22
DVISMIN Visible minority status 4
DISABIL Activity difficulties/reductions: Combinations of one or more activity difficulties/reduction. 4
  1. (*) The number of response categories excludes non-specific responses such as missing values, not available or "other".