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Table 1 Code 'D01' corresponds to the 'Abdominal pain/cramps general' single diagnosis in the English ICPC-2 version and the ICPC-1 Norwegian version; the same code corresponds to 11 text field options in the ICPC-2 Norwegian version, as it is shown in the first column of the table.

From: Sixteen years of ICPC use in Norwegian primary care: looking through the facts

Diagnosis text field (Norwegian ICPC-2) Diagnosis text field (English translation)
Abdomen symptomer/plager INA* Abdomen symptoms/complaints INA
Abdominal ømhet Abdominal tenderness
Abdominalsmerte INA* Abdominal pain
Abdominalsmerte/krampe generell Abdominal pain/cramp general
Akutt abdomen Acute abdomen
Kolikksmerter Colic pain
Magesmerter akutt Stomach acute pain
Magesmerter uspesifikke Stomach pain, unspecified
Smerte abdomen uspesifikk Pain abdomen unspecified
Spedbarnskolikk Infant colic
Tremånederskolikk Three month colic
  1. The English translation was added by the authors to allow a better comprehension of the extra options that are offered to the Norwegian users; these options are not available in the English ICPC-2 version.
  2. *INA: not further specified (Ikke Nærmere Angitt).