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Table 4 Interview excerpts supporting key factors related to the content, functionalities, and features categories and their subcategories

From: Identifying the content, functionalities, and features of a mobile application for contact lens wearers

Main categories along with subcategories Example of interview excerpts
1. Mobile application content
1.1 Advice and precaution 1.1 I need information on the type of lens, how to use the lens, why I am using it, how the lens works and interacts with the eye, how to prepare for the visit, and the necessary examinations to prescribe the lens. When I want more information about CL, practitioners are always busy, making it difficult to ask additional questions about CL. (CL wearer, male, 27 years old)
1.2 Training 1.2 CL wearers with varying educational levels, age groups, and underlying diseases, all receive the same training. What should I know about children's lenses if I need special training for my baby, such as how to put a lens for him? (CL wearer, male, 3 months of age)a
1.3 Supplementary information for better CL wearing 1.3 CL wearers should have access to information about the common brands of CL and lens solutions. "Tell us, what the good brands are?" my friends asked me. I talked to my friends about the lens brand. Some of my friends used low quality colored CL, resulting in red eyes. I recommended good brands to my friends. “Choose between not putting a lens and putting a good lens” I said. (CL wearer, female, 31 years old)
2. Mobile application functionalities
2.1 Entering information required for self-care 2.1 CL wearers forget which clinic they went to and when they went, when they received the lens and when they changed the lens. CL wearers did not follow the practitioner’s instructions because they had forgotten many of instructions. For example, one of CL wearers received the lens a year ago and claims to have received it six months ago. (Optometrist, female, 30 years of work experience in CL Clinic)
2.2 Computational capability 2.2 When I ask the CL wearers how many hours a day they wear the CL, some of them have no idea. It is important for us to know how many hours a day and how many days a week CL wearers put in CL. CL wearers often reduce CL use hours due to discomfort. (Ophthalmologist, female, 10 years of work experience in CL Clinic)
2.3 CL wearers interaction with mobile application 2.3 I would like to have my questions answered. Include the possibility of questions and answers between CL wearers and practitioners in the application. Even if practitioners do not have the time to answer questions online and individually, they can see and answer the questions every few days. (CL wearer, male, 48 years old)
2.4 Mobile application development 2.4 If the application is presented in English in addition to Persian, more CL wearers will use it and more comments and problems will be expressed. CL wearer’s data can be used to develop the next version of application as well as to conduct new research to solve many CL wearers’ problems. (CL wearer, female, 36 years old)
2.5 Reminders and alerts 2.5 CL wearers usually forget the follow-up, when to consult a practitioner, when to change the CL, and so on. Some of them have a regular lifestyle and forget less, while others do not. The application should include a reminder. (Optometrist, female, 10 years of work experience in CL Clinic)
3. Mobile application features
3.1 The structure and user interface of the mobile application 3.1 If I want an application, it must have additional features and value as well as an interesting design that I tend to use. I will not make use of it by only providing a list of information. (CL wearer, male, 24 years old)
3.2 Information presentation methods 3.2 The clinic gives us a brochure, but if our vision is poor, we cannot read it. One person is old, the other is illiterate, and both need someone to read the brochure to them. (CL wearer, male, 29 years old)
  1. CL contact lens
  2. aThe characteristics are related to the CL wearer but their parents answered the questions