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Table 3 Identified requirements for designing a mobile application for contact lens wearers

From: Identifying the content, functionalities, and features of a mobile application for contact lens wearers

1. Mobile application content

2. Mobile application functionalities

3. Mobile application features

1.1 Advice and precaution

2.1 Entering information required for self-care

3.1 The structure and user interface of the mobile application

Basic information for CL wearersc

Entering details of practitioner’s visits (visit date, name of the clinic, name of practitioner, medications, instructions…)c

Easy to usea

CL hygiene informationc

Entering name and type of CLc

Short and simple tutorialsa

CL care informationc

Entering CL parametersa

Attractive user interfacea

CL complications informationc

Entering manufacturing and expiry dates of CLa

Correct and reliable informationc

Providing instructions for CL wearers for using the CLb

Entering start and end dates of CL usea

In agreement with the culturea

Presenting the results of new research regarding safety in using the CLa

Entering the hours of gradual use of the hard CL in the CL habit stagec

3.2 Information presentation methods

1.2 Training

Entering CL wearing hours during the dayc


Training of CL insertion tailored to the type of CLc

Entering the time of day when the CL wearers feel discomfortc


Training of CL removal tailored to the type of CLc

Entering dates and times of pain while using the CLa


Training of CL rinsing and disinfectingc

Entering complications and their occurrence timec


Training of handwashing and disinfectingc

2.2 Computational capability

Training of CL case rinsing and disinfectingc

Calculation of CL usage time over the day, week, and monthc

Specific training tailored to the target populationa

Calculation of the time period of CL use and the start of uncomfortable feelingb

1.3 Supplementary information for better CL wearing

Calculation of the total days of paina

Introducing CL accessoriesc

2.3 CL wearers interaction with mobile application

Introducing common CL brandsc

Asking questions from a practitionera

Introducing CL certified sales centersc

Creation of frequently asked questions lista

Introducing information resourcesa

Rating the practitioner’s answers by CL wearersa

Introducing new initiatives in the field of CLa

Expressing the concerns, opinions, and experiences of CL wearersa

Introducing well-known centers with their addressc

Rating the experiences and commentsa

Comments on the CL wearers’ inputa

Organizing and prioritizing CL wearers’ experiences and comments based on the ratingsa

Searching answers and experiencesa

Making appointments for next visitsa

2.4 Mobile application development

Creation of a mobile application in different languages such as English in addition to Persiana

Mobile application updates according to new needs, suggestions, and feedbacka

Development of the mobile application based on best available evidenceb

2.5 Reminders and alerts

Setting up the reminders or alerts timesc

Reminders of CL usec

Reminder for CL and CL case replacement timec

Reminder for visiting practitionerc

Alert for entering CL use informationc

  1. CL contact lens
  2. aNeeds described only by CL wearers
  3. bNeeds described only by Practitioners
  4. cNeeds described jointly by CL wearers and practitioners