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Table 8 General statistics of data collection during the first and second mBrain data collection wave

From: mBrain: towards the continuous follow-up and headache classification of primary headache disorder patients

  Wave 1 Wave 2
# patients 7 11
Duration of trial (days) (pp), mean 22.57 22.09
Data collection statistics   
 Connected Empatica time per trial day (HH:mm) (pp), mean 09:06 12:49
 # location points per trial day (pp), mean 91.49 109.78
 # tags per trial day (pp), mean 0.41 0.89
Timeline activity and interaction statistics   
 Headache attacks   
  # headache attacks (pp), mean 5.71 8.45
  Pct. of patients w/o any headache attack 14.29% 0.00%
 Medicine intakes   
  # medicine intakes (pp), mean 3.86 5.64
  Pct. of patients w/o any medicine intake 57.14% 9.09%
  # man. activities (pp), mean 1.07 2.60
  # aut. activities per trial day (pp), mean 35.81 46.24
  Pct. of aut. activities of sedentary type (pp), mean 90.42% 88.29%
  Pct. of aut. activities fully confirmed (pp), mean 19.19% 45.90%
  Pct. of aut. activities only confirmed as sedentary, but w/o explicit confirmation of predicted type (pp), mean 0.00% 12.01%
  Pct. of aut. activities w/ only corrected time (pp), mean 0.04% 0.56%
  Pct. of aut. activities w/ corrected type (pp), mean 6.34% 5.31%
  Pct. of aut. activities removed (pp), mean 3.22% 10.27%
  Pct. of aut. activities ignored (pp), mean 71.20% 25.94%
 Sleep periods   
  # man. sleep pds. (pp), mean 13.86 19.45
  # aut. sleep pds. (pp), mean 31.57 37.36
  Pct. of aut. sleep pds. confirmed (pp), mean 6.11% 13.46%
  Pct. of aut. sleep pds. w/ corrected time (pp), mean 0.48% 2.62%
  Pct. of aut. sleep pds. corrected to activity (pp), mean 0.00% 0.70%
  Pct. of aut. sleep pds. removed (pp), mean 5.46% 23.43%
  Pct. of aut. sleep pds. ignored (pp), mean 87.96% 59.79%
 Stress periods   
  # man. stress pds. per trial day (pp), mean 0.04 0.05
  # aut. stress pds. per trial day (pp), mean 15.86 6.66
  Pct. of aut. stress pds. confirmed w/o level (pp), mean 2.63% 0.00%
  Pct. of aut. stress pds. confirmed w/ level 1/2 (pp), mean 1.48% 44.89%
  Pct. of aut. stress pds. corrected w/ level 0 (pp), mean 17.49% 28.62%
  Pct. of aut. stress pds. removed (pp), mean 5.00% 2.66%
  Pct. of aut. stress pds. w/ corrected time (pp), mean 0.03% 0.04%
  Pct. of aut. stress pds. ignored (pp), mean 73.37% 23.79%
Daily record (DR) statistics   
 Pct. of trial days w/ part of DR provided (pp), mean 78.89% 92.99%
 Pct. of trial days w/ daily stress level provided (pp), mean 73.07% 91.34%
 Pct. of trial days w/ daily mood provided (pp), mean 73.66% 91.34%
 Pct. of trial days w/ daily food intake provided (pp), mean 60.17% 87.62%
 Pct. of trial days w/ DR fully completed (pp), mean 58.87% 87.62%
  1. Statistics mentioning “(pp)” are “per patient” statistics: they are first calculated per patient, and then aggregated over all patients. Other abbreviations used in this table: aut. is automatically added, man. is manually added, pct. is percentage, pds. is periods, w/ is with, w/o is without, “#” represents “number of”. An additional file shows two separate tables (one per wave) highlighting the same statistics complemented by spread measures where appropriate (see Additional file 1)