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Table 4 Mapping of criterion types to ICHD-3 criteria in set (c) of Table 3

From: mBrain: towards the continuous follow-up and headache classification of primary headache disorder patients

Disorder type Duration criterion Treatment criterion Severity criterion
Migraine without aura Attack lasting 4–72 h Attack untreated or unsuccessfully treated /
Cluster headache Pain lasting 15–180 min Attack untreated Severe or very severe pain
Episodic tension-type headache Pain lasting 30 min to 7 days / /
  1. The table gives an overview of how the ICHD-3 criteria in set (c) (i.e., the criteria targeted at individual attacks that are not required to classify an attack as the corresponding type in version 3 of the classification criteria, see Table 3) of the different disorder types are mapped onto the different criterion types: duration, treatment and severity. If set (c) does not contain the criterion type, the table cell is empty (“/”)