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Table 1 Information requested in the mBrain app for the registration of the different event types

From: mBrain: towards the continuous follow-up and headache classification of primary headache disorder patients

Event type Requested information
Stress Start time; end time; stress intensity (no stress (0), moderate stress (1), high stress (2))
Activity Start time; end time; activity type (sedentary, sitting, standing, lying down, walking, running, cycling, commuting, other [any type of activity is allowed, of which a textual description required])
Sleep Time to bed; wake-up time
Medicine intake Time; medicine name, dose and form
Headache attack Start time; end time; pain intensity (Table 2); headache location(s) (Table 2); pain being unilateral (yes, no); headache symptom(s)* (Table 2); headache trigger(s)* (Table 2); acute medication intake (yes and successful, yes but unsuccessful, no)
Period (if applicable) Start time; end time
  1. For items with a predefined set of options, the options are mentioned between brackets, or the table with the options is referred to between brackets. In mBrain v1, all information except information with an asterisk (*) is required. In mBrain v2, all information is required