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Table 4 HIS resource and performance of health facilities in the 33 woredas based on selected HIS indicators, Ethiopia 2020

From: Contribution of health information system to child immunization services in Ethiopia: baseline study of 33 woredas

Selected HIS indicators Percentage (score) 95% CI
HIS resource   
 HIS infrastructure at facility level (average score) 82 81–83
 eHIS tools availability score 39 38–40
 Number of staff received training on HIS topics at facility level one-year prior the survey (average score) 7.8 7.4–8.1
 Percentage of facilities which have at least one trained staff in any of HIS topics 72 70–74
Data management   
 Data quality control practices (average score) 72 71–74
 Level of data analysis practice (average score) 68 67–69
 Data visualization practice 86 84–87
 Presence of feedback mechanism 92 90–93
Data quality   
 Source document completeness: all three months complete 85 83–86
 Data accuracy: acceptable range (90%–110%) 63 61–65
 Data accuracy: over reporting (< 90%) 16 15–18
 Data accuracy: under reporting (> 110%) 30 28–31
Data use   
 Use of routine data for RHIS quality improvement (average score) 45 43–46
 Use of routine data for performance review and evidence-based decision making (average score) 50 48–51
 Use of data for annual plan and target setting 84 83–85
 Use of data to produce narrative analytical reports 31 29–32
  1. *Source document completeness and data accuracy calculation is based on pentavalent vaccination using three months report (April, May & June, 2020)