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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of 71 PtDAs

From: A scattered landscape: assessment of the evidence base for 71 patient decision aids developed in a hospital setting

  n (%)
Types of treatments being compared   
Surgeries compared to other non-drug interventionsa 19 27
Non-drug interventions/surgeries compared to each other 16 22
Drug treatments compared to each other 14 20
Drug treatments compared to non-drug interventions/surgeries 11 15
More than two different interventions types in comparison 11 15
Do-nothing alternative (DNA) included or not   
Yes 8 11
No 50 70
Extended DNAb included 13 18
Evidence base of comparisons   
De-novo evidence review (evidence report) 48 68
Update evidence review plus guideline (update report) 11 15
Evidence & consensus-based German Clinical Practice Guideline 9 13
No reliable evidence available, lower level guideline or other kind of information was used 3 4
  1. BSC, best supportive care; DNA, do-nothing-alternative; PtDA, Evidence-based Patient Decision Aid
  2. aIncludes 2 comparisons of surgery to a real do-nothing-alternative (DNA)
  3. bIncludes choice for best supportive care (BSC), palliative care, watchful waiting/active monitoring or stay on (drug) treatment as before