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Table 2 Expert experience features

From: Efficacy prediction of noninvasive ventilation failure based on the stacking ensemble algorithm and autoencoder

Before NIV (H0) After 1 h of NIV (H1) Unit
Oxygenation index/H0RR H1oxygenation index/H1RR mmHg/breath/min
Age*H0RR Age*H1RR year*breath/min
H0RR*H0HR H1RR*H1HR breath/min*beat/min
H0RR*H0HR*H0FIO2 H1RR*H1HR*H1FIO2 breath/min*beat/min
  1. NIV noninvasive ventilation, RR respiratory rate, HR heart rate, FIO2 fraction of inspired oxygen
  2. H0 means the data collected before NIV. H1 means the data collected after 1 h of NIV