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Table 7 The decision guidelines

From: Resource management framework using simulation modeling and multi-objective optimization: a case study of a front-end department of a public hospital in Thailand

Nos. Satisfaction score Operating cost Suggestion Remark
1 Higher Higher Depend on the decision-maker It gets higher satisfaction, and the cost may increase within the acceptable amount
2 Higher Unchanged Recommended It gets higher satisfaction while spending the same amount of the cost
3 Higher Lower Recommended It gets higher satisfaction and can lower the cost
4 Unchanged Higher Not recommended There is no change in satisfaction but the cost increases
5 Unchanged Unchanged Depend on the decision-maker There is no change in both factors. The decision-maker may consider other factors such as the satisfaction of workers
6 Unchanged Lower Recommended There is no change in satisfaction, and it can decrease the cost
7 Lower Higher Not recommended It not only decreases the satisfaction, but it also increases the cost
8 Lower Unchanged Not recommended It spends the same amount of the cost, and the satisfaction still decreases
9 Lower Lower Depend on the decision-maker Due to the cost reduction, the satisfaction score is lower but it is still acceptable