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Table 7 Differences between the definition in medical device problem and in patient problem

From: Terminology integration and inconsistency identification of adverse event terminology for Japanese medical devices using SPARQL

Term Term concept in medical device problem and patient problem
損傷 (damage/injury) (medical device problem) Break
(patient problem) Injury
汚染 (contamination) (medical device problem): Contamination of device
(patient problem): Contamination of patient
発熱 (fever) (medical device problem) generation of heat from a device or its component
(patient problem) Fever
感染 (infection) (medical device problem) An aseptic condition cannot be maintained due to broken packaging, etc. Exists in the category term
(patient problem) Bacteria invade the human body
感電 (electrification) (medical device problem/patient problem) get an electric shock
事象 (other events) (medical device problem/patient problem) This term exists as a category term and preferred terms which are not allocated in other category terms are involved
他 (Others) (medical device problem) There was only one combination of the category term “Others” and the preferred name “Others”. It was defined as “an unknown medical device problem.”
(patient problem) Below the category term “others,” three preferred names exist: “others,” “unknown,” and “no patient problems.”
不明 (unknown) (medical device problem) cause unknown
(patient problem) cause unknown and no information