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Table 5 Examples of terms with multiple definitions (English terms in parentheses)

From: Terminology integration and inconsistency identification of adverse event terminology for Japanese medical devices using SPARQL

  Preferred term Definition
Medical device problems アーチファクト (Artifact) 信号処理などで、観測や解析段階で発生したデータエラーや信号ゆがみが画像に混入すること。 (Appearance of data error and deformation of images after image processing)
目的としない信号が表示されること (Displaying unwanted signals)
ヒューズ切れ (fuse blow) ヒューズが切断すること。 (Fuse blows)
過電流等によりヒューズが切れること (Fuse blown due to overcurrent)
バッテリ不良 (defective battery) バッテリ電圧・容量低下 (Low battery voltage and capacity)
バッテリ不良 (battery defect)
バッテリ自体不良 (battery defect itself)
バッテリ異常でバッテリによる駆動ができないこと。 (A device cannot be driven due to a battery failure.)
緩み (slack) ネジ、ロック等が緩むこと。 (Loose screws, locks, etc.)
ねじなど締め付けが甘くなること。 (A screw has become loose.)
ネジ等が緩み、当該部位物理的な保持・作用に支障をきたす状態事 (A condition in which screws or other parts are loosened and interfere with the physical retention and operation of the relevant part)
構成部品固着部 (ねじ、接着等) 結合力が弱まり、正常状態に比べて部品が動いてしまうこと (The bonding force of the fixed parts (screw, adhesive, etc.) of the component parts is weakened, and the parts move incorrectly compared to the normal state)
接続不良となる接続部がたつき。 (Loose connections, causing connection failure)
接続部分、固定などが緩むこと。 (Loose connections, fixings, etc.)
装置又は器具部分固定が不良となること。 (Insufficient fixing of parts of equipment or instruments)
通電不良となる接続部固定力不足 (Insufficient fixing force of the connection part that results in poor conduction)
Patient problems 感染症 (infection disease) ポケット部位から感染症となる。(Infections from pockets)
病原体が生体内に侵入し、一定病変を惹起すること。 (The bacteria enters the body, and causes certain lesions.)
心室細動 (Ventricular fibrillation) 心室が整合的な収縮を行なわず、各部筋肉が無秩序に収縮する状態 (The ventricle does not pump normally, and the muscles in each part pump randomly)
心臓心室が小刻みに震えて全身に血液を送ることができない状態。 (A state in which the ventricle of the heart trembles and cannot send blood to the whole body)
心室が規則に震えるように痙攣 (けいれん) する状態こと。 (A state in which the ventricles convulse so as to tremble according to rules)
患者心臓拍動が小刻みな状態となって、拍出ができない状態。 (A state in which the patient's heart quivers, or fibrillates and cannot pump blood)
悪性心室不整脈で、心室筋持続的、非協調的な収縮によって特徴づけられ、心臓から血流は途絶する。 (A malignant ventricular arrhythmia, characterized by sustained, uncoordinated contractions of ventricular muscle, disrupting blood flow from the heart.)
手術時間延長 (Extended operating time) 医療機器不具合により当初予定していたよりも手術時間が長引いてしまうこと。 (The operation time is longer than originally planned due to an adverse event of medical equipment.)
医療機器使用にともなう健康被害発生に関連し、手術時間が長引いてしまうこと。 (Prolonged operation time associated with the occurrence of patient problems associated with the use of a medical device)
虹彩脱出 (Iridocele) 眼球穿孔部から虹彩一部が眼球外に脱出した状態。強角膜穿孔性外傷や切開手術、または角膜軟化症・角膜炎が進行して角膜が穿孔したときに生じる。感染防止が重要で、速やかな虹彩整復手術を要する。 (A state in which part of the iris from the perforated part of the eyeball has escaped outside the eyeball. It occurs when corneal perforation occurs due to progression of sclerocorneal perforating trauma or incision surgery, or corneal malacia/keratitis. It is important to prevent infection and conduct immediate iris reduction surgery.)
眼球穿孔部から虹彩一部が眼球外に脱出した状態 (Part of the iris from the perforated site of the eyeball prolapse outside the eyeball)
虹彩が脱出すること。 (Prolapse of the iris)
感染 (Infection) 病原微生物が人体に侵入し、臓器や組織中で増殖し、種々症状をもたらすこと (Pathogenic microorganisms invade the human body, multiply in organs and tissues, and cause various symptoms.)
病原微生物が人体に侵入し、臓器や組織中で増殖し、種々症状をもたらすこと。 (Pathogenic microorganisms invade the human body and multiply in organs and tissues, causing various symptoms.)
微生物が、体内に侵入・定着した状態。 (A state in which microorganisms have invaded and settled in the body)
微生物が人体に侵入、増殖、何ら症状が出現する症例 (Cases in which microorganisms invade the human body, proliferate, and manifest any symptoms)
病原微生物または感染性物質が人体に侵入し、臓器や組織中で増殖し、種々症状をもたらすこと (Pathogenic microorganisms or infectious substances can enter the human body, multiply in organs and tissues, and cause various symptoms.)
微生物感染などによるもで、キズ口周りが赤くなっていたり、ズキズキした痛みが続いたり、膿を持っていたり、熱や腫れ等異常が認められる場合 (Due to microbial infection, etc., when the area around the wound is red, the throbbing pain continues, there is pus, or there are abnormalities such as fever or swelling.)
微生物が人体に侵入、増殖、何ら症状が出現する症例。 (A case in which microorganisms invade the human body, proliferate, and show any symptoms)
微生物が、体内に侵入・定着した状態をいう。(A state in which microorganisms have invaded and settled in the body)