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Table 3 Sample interview questions

From: Exploring the perspectives of primary care providers on use of the electronic Patient Reported Outcomes tool to support goal-oriented care: a qualitative study

Sample interview questions
What has it been like to use ePRO tool in your approach to care?
How exactly did you use the tool (e.g. set goals, monitor health outcomes, use the PDF reporting?)
In what ways, if any, did having the tool influence your interaction(s) with your patient(s)?
How did these interactions change over time as you used the tool?
How did your relationship with patients change over time?
Did the ePRO tool adequately capture issues of importance to you as a provider?
What do you wish the tool could do that it doesn’t do right now?
What is missing or could be added?
How did you find the tool itself?
In terms of how you enter information?
In terms of how you use the information to help in decision-making?
What were some of the challenges you faced when using the tool?
What could be done to help address the challenges you identified?
What organizational supports would be needed to help adopt this tool (e.g. IT support, funding, organizational leadership)?
Was there any research team supports you found particularly helpful?