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Table 3 KPIs for AIS

From: Process mining framework with time perspective for understanding acute care: a case study of AIS in hospitals

KPIs Case study result Relevant researches result Explanation
INT 33 min 31 min
(RCSN in Canada)
DNT 117 min 68 min
The proportion of patients with AIS received thrombolysis therapy within 60 min 6.4% Target 75% (Report on Stroke Prevention and Treatment in China 2018) Patients received intravenous thrombolysis therapy within 60 min after arrival hospital
Thrombolysis rate of patients arrive at hospital within 2 h 37.1% 71.6%
(GWTG 2009 in the United States)
Patients who arrived within 2 h after initial symptom onset and were treated within 3 h