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Table 2 The definition of three categories of fetal status (normal, suspicious and pathology) according to the FIGO guidelines

From: Investigating the interpretability of fetal status assessment using antepartum cardiotocographic records

  Normal Suspicious Pathology
Baseline Between 110 and 150 bpm Between 100 and 110 bpm or between 150 and 170 bpm Below 100 or above 170 bpm
Variablity Between 5 and 25 bpm Amplitude of variability between 5 and 10 bpm for more than 40 s Persistence of heart rate variability of less than 5 bpm for more than 40 s
Others   Increased variability above 25 bpm; Variable decelerations Severe variable decelerations or severe repetitive early decelerations; Prolonged decelerations; Late decelerations: the most ominous trace is a steady baseline without baseline variability and with small decelerations after each contraction; A sinusoidal pattern