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Table 1 Combinable attributes in the configuration of each PREFASEG notice

From: Safer prescription of drugs: impact of the PREFASEG system to aid clinical decision-making in primary care in Catalonia

Type of alert Combinable attributes in the PREFASEG message configuration
Interactions ATC drug groups
Duplicate therapies ATC drug groups
AEMPS safety alerts Age
ATC drug groups
Grouping based on health problems
Dose of the active ingredient that generates the warning
Advised against for use in geriatrics Age
Contraindications due to health issues ATC drug groups
Contraindications due to clinical variables Grouping based on health problems
Teratogens in pregnancy Labelling of clinical variables (e.g., glomerular filtration and potassium levels)
Combinations of anticholinergic drugs ATC drug groups
Suspicions of hypersensitivity ATC drug groups
Adverse drug reactions ATC drug groups