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Table 4 BCTs identified and design requirements for mHealth intervention

From: A home-based pulmonary rehabilitation mHealth system to enhance the exercise capacity of patients with COPD: development and evaluation

Potential candidate BCTs Intervention components Design requirements for the system
1.1 Goal setting (behavior) Personalized exercise prescription module (for patients) Set goals and deliver exercise prescriptions for patients using the app. (1.1, 1.4)
1.4 Action planning  
4.1 Instruction on how to perform a behavior   Provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform an exercise for patients, such as videos, audios and images. (4.1, 6.1, 8.1)
6.1 Demonstration of the behavior   Tell patients what to do directly. (7.1)
7.1 Prompts/cues   Exercise prescription should be graded and stepwise in intensity. (8.7)
8.1 Behavioral practice/rehearsal   Provide portable devices such as activity tracker. (12.5)
8.7 Graded tasks  
12.5 Adding objects to the environment  
1.2 Problem solving Control of management process Self-monitor and record exercise-related data using the app. (2.3)
1.5 Review behavior goal(s)   Support from family or HCPs. (3.1)
1.6 Discrepancy between current behavior and goal   Review and compare exercise-related records uploaded with the prescribed plan; Feedback the comparison results to patients; Modify the personalized exercise prescription according to the results. (1.5, 1.6, 2.2)
2.2 Feedback on behavior  
2.3 self-monitoring of behavior  
3.1 Social Support (unspecified)   Solve problems in the home-based PR process. (1.2)
2.7 Feedback on outcome(s) of behavior Education and feedback (for HCPs) Follow-up and feedback the health-related changes during this time. (2.7)
5.1 Information about health consequences   Provide counseling by HCPs or health education to inform patients of the benefits of PR. (5.1)
10.4 Social reward   Reward patients with high compliance. (10.4)
12.1 Restructuring the physical environment   Provide technical support for HCPs with mHealth. (12.1)