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Table 3 Behavior analysis and diagnosis

From: A home-based pulmonary rehabilitation mHealth system to enhance the exercise capacity of patients with COPD: development and evaluation

COM-B component Target behavior Conditions required for the target behavior to occur Need to change or not Potential candidate intervention functions
Physical capability PAa Patients should have the physical skills and fitness for home-based PR Yes Training enablement
HPb HCPs have sufficient professional ability No /
Psychological capability PA Patients should know the correct technique to perform exercises and skills to be physically active Yes Education
HP HCPs have acquired relevant knowledge No /
Physical opportunity PA Create the opportunity to be perform exercise Yes Enablement
HP Create the opportunity to access patients’ exercise data Yes Enablement
Social opportunity PA See members in close social networks valuing physical activity Yes Enablement
HP Unrelated No /
Reflective motivation PA Patients should hold beliefs that being physically active benefits their health Yes Education persuasion
HP Unrelated No /
Automatic motivation PA Create established routines and habits for physical activity Yes Persuasion incentivization
HP Create established routines and habit for supervision and management of exercise related data Yes Persuasion incentivization
  1. aPA: Exercise behavior of COPD patients at home
  2. bHP: Supervision and management behavior of healthcare providers