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Table 2 Content of exercise prescription designed in this study

From: A home-based pulmonary rehabilitation mHealth system to enhance the exercise capacity of patients with COPD: development and evaluation

Type Volume
Main type Subtype Frequency Duration Intensity
Aerobic/endurance training Walk 3–7 days per week 10–60 min per day; measured by the walk rate
Resistance training Upper limbsa 2–5 days per week 2–12 repetitions per set; 1–3 sets per day; held for 30 to 60 s per repetition; 2–4 repetitions per set; 1–2 sets per day measured by subjective feelings of patients indicated by Borg scale value between 4–6
Lower limbsb
Flexibility training Shoulder stretch, side stretch, thoracic stretch 2–3 days per week
Respiratory muscle training calm and natural breathing, abdominal breathing 3–7 days per week 1–9 min per set; 2 sets per day
  1. aUpper limbs resistance training include: bicep curl, shoulder press, side lateral raise, and wall push up referred from Ref. [36]
  2. bLower limbs resistance training include: sit to stand, step ups, heel raises, leg extension, and seated row referred from Ref. [36]