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Table 1 Detail of measures to be collected

From: A home-based pulmonary rehabilitation mHealth system to enhance the exercise capacity of patients with COPD: development and evaluation

Type of outcomes Preliminary testa Assessment testb Collection time
Clinical outcomes 6MWT 6MWT, CRQ, CCQ, CAT, mMRC, HAD Baseline, end of intervention
Compliance Cic Cic During intervention
Technology acceptance None 11-Item questionnaire End of intervention
Feasibility None 4-Item questionnaire End of intervention
Subjective opinion Interview Interview End of intervention
  1. 6MWT six-minute walk test, CRQ chronic respiratory questionnaire, CCQ clinical COPD questionnaire, CAT COPD assessment test, mMRC modified British medical research council, HAD Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
  2. aPreliminary test: This column listed the measures used in the first polit study called “Preliminary test”
  3. bAssessment test: This column listed the measures used in the second polit study called “Assessment test”
  4. cCi: min(\(\frac{actual\;duration\;of\; exercise\;in\;one\;day}{{required\;duration\;of\;exercise\;in\;one\;day}},1\)), the formula used for calculating compliance referred from [27]