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Table 1 Examples of regular expression (rules)

From: Construction of the cervical cancer common terminology for promoting semantic interoperability and utilization of Chinese clinical data

Regular expression Example
Body part + symptom 阴道出血/Vaginal bleeding
Attribute + symptom 接触性出血/Contact bleeding
Body part + Attribute + symptom 阴道不规则出血/Vagina irregular bleeding
Attribute + body part + symptom 接触性阴道出血/Contact vaginal bleeding
Attribute + body part + Attribute + symptom 同房后阴道出血/Postcoital vagina irregular bleeding
Radiotherapy site + Radiotherapy technology 盆腔适形放射治疗Pelvic conformal radiotherapy
Radiation modality + Radiotherapy technology 骨盆大野放射治疗/Large field radiotherapy of pelvis