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Table 2 A sample of names and types of smartphone apps reported by respondents who selected ‘other’ in response to a question on types of apps used in their daily clinical practice

From: The impact of data from remote measurement technology on the clinical practice of healthcare professionals in depression, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis: survey

App name/genre (as reported) Category Target condition (MH/neurology/general) Publisher Cost
Survey apps Communication apps General N/A N/A
3d brain app Other Neurology DNA Learning Centre Free
British National Formulary Prescribing/dosing app General Indextra AB $69.99
Consultant-connect Communication General Consultant Connect Requires subscription by service
Headspace Consumer Wellbeing Headspace (company) Free, in-app subscription for more content
Calm Consumer Wellbeing Calm (company) Free, in-app subscription for more content
Medscape Other General WebMD Free, contains ads
Mindfulness apps Consumer Wellbeing N/A N/A
Observations apps Other General N/A N/A
distrACT Patient-facing Mental health Expert Self Care Ltd Free
Rise Up Patient-facing Mental health Recovery warriors Free
Rio Other General Servelec Requires subscription by service
Silvercloud Communication/patient-facing Mental health SilverCloud Health Free, requires referral
Stay Alive Patient-facing Mental health Grassroots Suicide Prevention Free
Symptom tracker Patient-facing General N/A N/A
Wellmind Patient-facing Mental health Blue Step Solutions Free
Young epilepsy Patient-facing Neurology Young epilepsy charity No longer available