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Table 1 This table presents the selected previously unknown drug-disease pairs predicted by our method, we just show the clinical variables that contribute to the final repurposing possibility of each drug-disease pair in the table

From: Clinical connectivity map for drug repurposing: using laboratory results to bridge drugs and diseases

Laboratory result   Alkaline phosphatase Cholesterol Glucose HDL LDL Triglycerides
Disease Type 2 diabetes \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\)
Drug Clopidogrel Hydrogen sulfate \(\downarrow\) \(\downarrow\)
Disease Type 2 Diabetes \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\)
Drug Doxycycline hyclate \(\downarrow\)
Disease Coronary heart disease \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\)
Drug Alendronate sodium \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\)
Disease Congestive heart failure \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\)
Drug Alendronate sodium \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\)
Disease Heart attack \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\) \(\uparrow\)
Drug Alendronate sodium \(\downarrow\) \(\uparrow\)