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Table 4 Five examples of missing concepts that appear in the abstracts of biomedical literature in MDELINE/PubMed

From: Identification of missing concepts in biomedical terminologies using sequence-based formal concept analysis

Potentially missing concept PMID Sentence that contains potentially missing concept as entity
Micropapillary breast carcinoma 24362476 Micropapillary breast carcinoma has been recognized as a morphologically and biologically distinct form of breast carcinoma
Composite ganglioneuroblastoma 8108298 We analyzed a composite ganglioneuroblastoma for N-myc copy number at initial resection and 2 years later after progressive disease
Autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy 8202529 We have examined M-laminin expression in mice with autosomal recessive muscular dystrophy caused by the mutation dy
Transcervical excision 28695764 Where possible, cysts should be completely excised, and there is growing evidence that a transoral approach is superior to transcervical excision for nearly all cysts
Root caries lesion 2640753 The root caries lesion was found in 75% of patients